Managed Internet

Flashnet Managed Internet Service efficiently manages all Internet traffic and only allows users what they are supposed to access.Our Managed Internet Services comes with a Next Generation Firewall which controls all Internet traffic to your premise, Secure VPN for connectivity to your Data Center, branches and roaming Employees, Managed Wifi and 99.9% uptime guaranteed SLA.


Flashnet’s centralized SDWAN service helps your business function intelligently by handling traffic based on priority, quality and security. Our conventional model distributes the control functions across all network devices allowing for a greater level of efficiency at the workplace.



Today’s businesses support flexible working arrangements where employees work remotely from home and other places of convenience or while traveling around the world. In all these cases, they would need to access the private resources like ERP, Tally system or your servers through the back doors. Our VPN Solution allows access to your Internal systems securely anywhere from the world.


Network and connectivity security is absolutely crucial in this information age. Our MPLS service provides enhanced security for your connection by availing a private network IP. Our MPLS ready network allows customers to scale into the solution making it cost-effective.