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Managed Internet Service in Tanzania

Stable, secure, fast, high uptime Internet connection in Tanzania for your business

We are a fully managed, high-quality, cost-effective internet service provider, offering Managed Internet Services in Tanzania designed to suit the needs of enterprises of different sizes.

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Managed Internet for Enterprises

A faster Internet connection doesn’t solve your connectivity issues until it is managed. Managed Service Provider will help your organisation to Control your office Internet usage by effectively applying policies which is suitable for your Business purpose.
We work along with you to understand your requirements and prepare a policy and help you to implement and manage it effectively. 

Internet Management Outsourcing

Monitor and Manage your Internet Connection


LTE Fallback Connectivity for backup

Less network interruption

Stable, secure & reliable internet services


Nextgen firewall for security of network


Easy to scale and manage Networking needs


Ensure Secured Connection over Internet via Site to Site and Roaming VPN

Managed vs. Standard Internet Service

It is not quite clear to what internet service you want for your business until you start seeking for secure, reliable and fast internet. Managed Internet Service is to make that possible. Let us go through some of  features that come with Managed Internet

  • Less Network Interruption

Your business needs internet connection that is stable and reliable at any time. Having a Managed Internet means there is a dedicated team to monitor your internet connection and make sure it is up when needed.

  • Proactive Approach

Before you lose an internet connection, wouldn’t it be more effective that you could have a team taking preventive measures so that your business does not face a loss of connection in its critical hours? We help in monitoring your internet connection and take countermeasures to make sure it is not interrupted.

Managed it service

Internet Management Outsourcing

Your internal team is to be freed from being involved in troubleshooting the internet connection when it is slow or making calls to your Internet Service Provider every time you face an internet downtime.

The good thing of Managed Internet Service is that monitoring of your internet connection is done thoroughly and we are responsible of making sure your internet connection is at peak performance.

Fallback Connectivity

Managed Internet Service comes with a fallback internet connection so that your business can remain connected regardless of the failure of the main internet connection. This feature is not included in standard internet service.

Our Partners

We cooperate closely with multiple partners to help provide
complete solutions for a wide array of applications across the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • An internet service that is monitored and managed for optimal use for your Business purpose. This reduces the hassles that you might go through by setting up and maintaining an internet connection on your own.

Your business needs a Managed Internet connection if you are expecting the following:

  • When you need a uninterrupted and fast internet connection
  • When you need full-time troubleshooting and Internet maintenance as you focus on other business activities