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Network Switches and Wireless Solutions

At EnGenius, we specialize in delivering high-performance Network Switches and Wireless Solutions to meet the evolving connectivity needs of modern businesses in Tanzania. Count on EnGenius for reliable networking solutions. Our products are built with quality and durability in mind, ensuring a stable and consistent network performance. Our switches are equipped with advanced features, ensuring efficient data transfer, network optimization, and robust security protocols. Transform your business connectivity with EnGenius Network Switches and Wireless products in Tanzania.

Network switches

Midsize Business / Enterprise Network Switches

Cloud-Managed Hybrid Switches that fully compatible with on-premises, cloud-managed, third-party networks. Engenius switches that are right for businesses of any size. Perform quick installation and configuration and expect reliable performance. Be at an advantage of focusing on growing your business with Hybrid Switches that you can rely on. Network switch that powers VOIP Phones, Access Points and IP Cameras. Conserves energy with maximum power output to ensure high performance. Extra features available that ensure maximum uptime for other devices such as surveillance cameras.
Network switches EnGenius network products in Tanzania Midsize Business or Enterprise Network Switches IT-services-company-in-Tanzania

Small Business / Home Network Switches

Securely connect with other technologies through EnGenius Fit PoE Network Switches that allows port availability. A technology that you can rely on as it supports linking with variant technologies. This is a layer 2 plus switch which has multiple management options for better control over the device and network. You can choose to go for cloud or on-premises management option that suits your needs. It is secure, reliable and has high-performance switching. At the same time, reduces operating expenses for your small business or home.

Other Switches

EnSky Managed Gigabit PoE+ Switches, A Switch which has enterprise-class features for your business with simplified network configuration and brings robust monitoring and management options. The switch is a Layer 2 platform which is full-featured with a capability of managing u to 50 EnSky Access Points. A Managed Switch with centralized network management powered by intuitive web interface. Manage your wired and wireless networks via ezMaster and be able to control up to 50 APs linked to the device.

Indoor Wireless

MidsizeĀ BusinessĀ /Ā EnterpriseĀ IndoorĀ WirelessĀ 
Securely manage your wireless networks without integrating any server with the Cloud-Managed Indoor Wi-Fi Access Point. Install and configure quickly your access point via EnGenius Cloud which in turns provides you with reliable performance, real-time insights and predictive analysis which puts you in an advantage of focusing on growing your business while the rest is covered with a secured, full-featured EnGenius Access point. Supports Gigabit Wi-Fi connectivity with its ability to prevent overlaps and reduce network bottlenecks. Enhanced Encryption and Authentication supported with WPA3 Enterprise security enabled.
Indoor Wireless Midsize Business or Enterprise Indoor Wireless Network switches EnGenius network products in Tanzania
Small Business / Home Indoor Wireless
Extend your Wi-Fi coverage with EnGenius Fit Indoor Access Point. The Wireless Access Point benefits your clients and staffs to connect from extended ranges. Keep your staffs and clients connected at a wider and broader range. An access point that delivers maximum speeds and features a web interface that is easy-to-use for cloud or on-premises management. Manage your access point according to your network architecture and administrative permissions you prefer to set.
Wi-Fi 5 Indoor Wireless
EnSky Indoor Wi-Fi Access Point that is scalable, reliable and flexible to connect your school, business or resort. Centrally manage or stand alone operate the access point with no subscription fees or licensing required. Wireless access point with greater security and possesses Enterprise-level management options. Can be mounted to the ceiling and cover a wide area. Elevated security for your network and enhancing security for your IoT devices.
Wi-Fi 5 Indoor Wireless Network switches EnGenius network products in Tanzania

Outdoor Wireless

MidsizeĀ BusinessĀ /Ā EnterpriseĀ OutdoorĀ WirelessĀ 

Outdoor wireless access point for your business or other premises that outputs reliable performance with a simple, quick installation and configuration. MU-MIMO Dual-Band Access point that goes up to 1,200 Mbps on 5GHz band. An access point that can endure in the harshest environments with a guarantee of delivering top- notch performance that you can rely on. Access Pointā€™s housing is designed that is weatherproof and dustproof to withstand severe environments.
Outdoor Wireless Midsize Business or Enterprise Outdoor Wireless VPN solutions for Business in Tanzania
Outdoor Wireless Small Business or Home Outdoor Wireless IT solutions Company in Tanzania

Small Business / Home Outdoor Wireless

Dual-band outdoor wireless access point that suits small businesses or home usage with maximum speeds of 574 Mbps (2.4 GHz frequency) and 1,200 Mbps (5GHz frequency). Access your device from any point via the cloud. Be able to control your device from any location via cloud-based support. Receive real-time system metrics, analytics and remote configurations.

Wi-Fi 5 Outdoor Wireless

For your outdoor properties, EnSky Outdoor Wi-Fi covers optimal range and has reliable performance even in harsh environments. No licensing or subscription fees needed. This technology provides ultra-fast access connectivity that is reliable, scalable and flexible. Supports both WPA3/WAP2-PSK (AES) encryption which makes your network secure and fast with a speed of 574 Mbps/2.4GHz and 1,200 Mbps/5GHz. Improved transmission with uplink and downlink of OFDMA.