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Run your apps and store your data online via different cloud subscriptions

Move your applications and Servers to the Cloud to build a collaborative and secure infrastructure for your IT and business. Its time to ensure a reliable business continuity environment that is also scalable and flexible. Explore the secure, scalable, and reliable data infrastructure from Cloud Solutions Provider in Tanzania

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Applications, storage and processing power via the internet

In brief, Cloud?

Cloud Computing – Hosting your Critical Applications and Data in a secure, scalable,  and reliable infrastructure without having a CAPEX investment

Cloud solutions, are they important?

Definitely, the backup services, cost efficiency on running systems, scalability, remote access, performance and security are among the features and benefits that come with cloud computing.

With such features, it is not easy for a business that wants high performance, return on investment (ROI) and security to ignore moving into cloud solutions.

Cost Effective

No Capex Investment on buying Servers, Network and Security devices


Manage your network from anywhere in the world


Provides multiple layers of Security to your Data and Applications

Not using cloud? You’re missing in action

How are you supporting your remote employees? With a cloud solution, your data can be accessed directly from the cloud by your employee. Your employee only needs a secure connection to link to the cloud to be able to get necessary information whether they are at a branch office or on a site doing remote work.

In-house maintenance of IT infrastructure can be frustrating when there are a number of technologies to be managed. It will cost the business money and it will leave the IT team occupied at all times and still bringing low productivity. This is likely to happen when systems are not well integrated and are not powered with the right hardware or software. All of this trouble is less when the right Cloud Computing Services is opted. It will reduce in-house IT management costs and have the internal IT team focusing on other initiatives and solutions.

Cloud Solutions at your advantage

 No Capex: NO huge investments on buying server and network hardware. Pay monthly for required resources.

Free from IT infrastructure management: No need for an internal expert employee for managing your cloud.

Tele-working: Staff can work from home. Staff accesses files from the cloud directly.

Cut down overhead costs: IT management overhead costs are reduced by moving to the cloud.

System update consistency: Update all your apps in one go from one central point. Helps to maintain consistency with all staff using the apps.

Scale according to your needs: scale up or down your cloud subscription in accordance to your business requirements.

Cloud linkage from anywhere: access files, documents and applications from anywhere that has internet connection.

Business continuity: continue with business operations despite on-premises system failure. Data stored on cloud.

Cloud computing processing power: avail and benefit from cloud computing power to run apps and access your data fast.

Collaboration: Easy collaboration with co-workers through linking with the same data and apps stored on a single cloud.

Migrate to the right cloud solution that fits your needs and goals.

Geographical location of your organization is not an issue. You only need a good internet connection to reap the benefits of cloud computing. We will be there to make sure we connect all your centers (Headquarter and branch offices) to be able to access your cloud.

Let us be your Cloud Solutions Provider

Here is why you should prefer us in being your cloud solutions provider:

Affordable prices

We do not aim to bottleneck your business. We will assess what you need and give you the right package at an affordable price

Available 24-7

We have a team that is ready to tackle the problem you are confronting 24-7.

Custom solution for you business

Every business has its goals and objectives and we do take note of that. This is why we are to issue the right plan, strategy and solution according to your business mission statement.

State-of-the-art technology deployment

Technology is growing and changing every now and then. This is why we make sure our customers get the best and stable technology.

Our Partners

We cooperate closely with multiple partners to help provide
complete solutions for a wide array of applications across the world.
Clients’ Testimonials

We are Trusted
By Companies Across Industries

FGS Bank
“There is a significant change on the savings and performance that we have experienced since moving to cloud solutions. Flashnet has worked with us to facilitate our cross to using cloud services”

Z-04 Logistics
“It was quite intimidating at first when we thought of changing our operations to be based on the cloud but the feedback from our staff has proven that it was the right choice. Flashnet had our back and made us cross the aisle and improve our logistics operations by having our tracking applications on the cloud”