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VPN solutions for Business in Tanzania

Stay private with your data and conversations.

Get the Best VPN solutions for business in Tanzania with a large server network, speed and privacy, and of course, support.
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Tunneling, Encryption, Privacy

The internet is a public network which means it has less security and someone with malicious intentions could tap to listen to your communication via the internet. This is something that you do not want and that is where Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions comes into use where it will allow you to establish a secure network connection when accessing the internet.


Keep your online data and activities safe.

Site to Site

Connect your branch offices with secure Tunnel

Roaming VPN

Access resources from anywhere in World

Multi Platform Apps

VPN Application for Windows, Linux, MAC, Android and iOS

Multi Server

Configure Multiple VPN servers within premise and Cloud

Mitigate corporate data explosion

Connect through any wired or wi-fi network and confidently access data on any device through secure and encrypted VPN.

VPN Services and Your Business

VPN is your best choice to achieve more online privacy because it assures secure access to all types of sites and networks, encrypts your traffic, protects confidential information, prevent data and bandwidth throttling while allowing network scalability.

Keeping your online conversations and activities encrypted is mainly what VPN will do for your business. But what about other benefits that you are to get for using VPN ?

Let’s Take a Look.

Safe Access
Safe Access

VPN will allow remote employees to get access to your LAN without putting your business data at risk. We will set up your VPN to make sure that any employee that tries to connect with any of your offices will be required to provide the right credentials in order to get access.

Better Control
Better Control

It is important to have control on who has access to certain resources in your organization. VPN plays a good role on putting this into action where anyone trying to access certain resources will have to provide the correct credentials in order to access the resources.

Enhanced Protection
Enhanced Protection

Protecting your hardware, software and data that connects to the internet is important. There are many cyber threats that can lead to deleting your data or cause software and hardware failure. Our VPN installation and Management Strategy will help you counteract these cyber threats.

Business vulnerabilities for not using VPN

Imagine exposing your ERP, Tally or any accounting or critical company data to public. Most of the Business in Tanzania use Port forwarding their servers to access critical data within their office and this creates a serious threat on data leakage.

By implementing a VPN you are mitigating the risk of exposing data to unwanted users. You can monitor and manage your VPN users by our Cloud Control panel at any moment of time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Communication encryption between the Head office and remote users is ensured so that any attacker who wants to listen to your communication via a public leased line such as the internet, will fail to decipher what has been encrypted. A strong encryption mechanism is used to make this possible.
  • Some attacks could lead to your data being breached which means that your sensitive information is disclosed to an unauthorized person without your consent.

RDP exposed to internet is very risky and prone to Ransomware attacks. We always recommend to use RDP under VPN services to avoid attacks.

Yes you can access your allowed resources within your office or in Data centre hosted in Tanzania using any Mobile and/or PC/MAC Client from anywhere in the world. Our servers are located in Tanzania and around the world.