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Managed SD WAN Service Provider in Tanzania

Secured connection and network traffic that can be controlled from a single central point. Work effectively with cloud infrastructure through Managed SD-WAN’s security features and fast data transmission.

Use cloud-based services and Data Center solutions faster and more secure with Flashnet SD-WAN Services. Unlock seamless networking with Flashnet, the leading SD-WAN Service Providerin Tanzania.

SD WAN Service

Software Defined Wide Area Network

SD-WAN is a Virtual WAN that leverages multiple combinations of connectivity solutions like MPLS, LTE, DIA, and Broadband to deliver a cost-effective and reliable option to connect users to Internet applications.

With what SD-WAN technology comprises, it becomes a suitable technology to work with cloud computing due to SD-WAN’s security features and fast data transmission.

Optimised Application Access

Prioritise Business-critical applications

Multi WAN

Manage Multiple Uplinks for reliability

Enterprise Ready

Support all requirements of Enterprises

Centralized control of Wide Area Network

Secure, Fast & Improved connectivity


Keep Business data and customers’ data safe


Improve Speed and Performance

How it pays out to use SDWAN:

SD-WAN Connectivity Solutions

  • Monitoring: Monitor all the branch offices, enforce policies and control network traffic from one central location
  • QoS: Experience high Quality of Service and better internet communication via email, Video calls and VoIP
  • Stable connection: Secure connection through multiple links and mediums will make communication with your external servers or datacenters and cloud services more stable
  • Improve cloud-application Performance: Work online via cloud services with SD-WAN’s fast, secure link.

SD-WAN Connectivity
To Your Business

SD-WAN suits for Enterprises with single office or multiple locations in multi regions. We will have a survey to analyze your requirements and suggest, design a suitable SD-WAN plan for your Business.

We will configure and manage the SD-WAN solutions while you focus on your Business.

Adding Value To Your Business, How?

What we bring on the table is important.. Here are some of our strengths that we bring along as we serve you:

Our personnel

Our Expertise

Our team is well experienced in multi WAN/LAN technologies and we can design and provide you an optimal solution that suits your requirement

The technology we use

The Technology we use

We bring you latest technologies and put them into optimum use so that you get the best from the service that you have chosen.

Our participation in the industry icon

Support Services

Our fanatical support team is always available to assist you with right technology related to connectivity solutions.

Our Partners

We cooperate closely with multiple partners to help provide
complete solutions for a wide array of applications across the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You get to utilize your WAN connection and manage it via a single cloud portal so that you can scale, secure and have control of your internet traffic according to your needs.
  • It is useful if you need a stable internet connection so that your business can continue in operation even when there is a short time internet failure.
  • SD-WAN transmits fragmented data via different encrypted links which prevent attackers from getting all the data from all links. A firewall is also connected in place to fine-tune the access of the data.
  • Encrypted with TLS protocol for maximum security