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Managed Wi-Fi in Tanzania

Full Wi-Fi network installation and maintenance for your business

We take the job of ensuring a reliable and secure connections to enterprises very seriously. Our managed Wi-Fi is an automated, cloud-based solution that delivers high-speed, unified wireless network access to enterprises across multiple locations.

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Managed WI-FI

We Design, Install And Maintain Your Wi-Fi Network.

Managed WiFi outsources the responsibilities of developing, acquiring, installing, maintaining, monitoring, and/or upgrading a WiFi network by industry experts. Benefits of Managed Wifi include fast connectivity, security and cloud-based network management to boost WiFi performance while lowering costs and providing a better user experience.

Enterprise Ready

Enterprise Wifi Solutions

Always On

Network is managed 24/7 by our NOC

Higher Uptime

Spare ready for replacements


  • Wifi network managed by another company
  • Scalable: introducing new nodes to extend the network to meet the increase in workload
  • Secure: centralized authentication infrastructure to manage network access and intrusion detection, prevention and mitigation
  • Easy to manage: cloud based monitoring dashboard that provides live network status and reports.
  • Better user experience: easy to connect for both staff and guests without compromising security.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Wi-Fi can be scaled up for the new users. The Wi-Fi network at your premises is to be installed according to your requirement and when there is a need to expand the network, it is possible.

Managed-Wi-Fi makes it easy to deploy security measures. Wi-Fi encryption is made complex to prevent malicious actors from connecting to your network. Authenticated users access the network