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Privacy Policy

Company information 

The ownership and operation of this site is under Flashnet Ltd. With a registered address of PO BOX PPF Tower 

You can contact us at +255778 889 180 

Policy coverage 

The privacy policy is for this Flashnet’s Website. Any links on our website that takes you to another website are not under our control. Please go through the privacy of that other website before providing any information on that other website. 

User rights 

You as the user have the following rights: 

  1. Right of knowing that we collect your data and use it 
  2. Right of getting the access of your user personal data we collect 
  3. Right to edit any data that is not accurate about you 
  4. Right to delete your user data that we hold for a limited time. 
  5. Right to prevent the processing of your personal data 
  6. Right to collect and use your personal data with another organization 
  7. Right to prevent us from using your personal data 
  8. Right to respect automated profiling and decision making  

Website data collection 

The collection of data may depend on your site usage. Personal or non-personal data may be collected. 

Data collected includes: 

  1. Name 
  2. Organization/business/company name 
  3. Contact details such as telephone numbers and email addresses 
  4. Operating system 
  5. Web browser type 
  6. Web browser version 
  7. Website URL 
  8. URL of referring site 
  9. Your activity on this site
  10. URL of the site you head to from this site 
  11. IP address 

User data usage 

1. Your personal data is securely stored and processed not more than it is required. Your rights are to be safeguarded and we are to comply with our obligations according to the GDPR.  

2. Your personal data is to be used according to the needs in place and to the reason that you have agreed, we can use your personal data. Your data may be used for: 

  • Supporting and managing you to access our site. 
  • Offering you our products and or services to you 
  • Customizing our products and services for you 
  • Replying your emails 
  • User analysis, site improvement, and enhancing user experience 

3. Where permitted by the law, we may use your data for marketing. For example, the email and information you share with us can be used to email you our products and services. We take into consideration not sending you spam emails and fully protect your data as obliged under the GDPR and Privacy Regulations. 

4. At any time, you can withdraw your approval on data usage by us and request deletion of the data. 

5. Your data is held, stored, and processed as long as it is required and as agreed. 

User data storage 

1. We keep your data as long as it is needed and as agreed 

2. Your data is stored on our servers 

3. Suitable measures are taken to safeguard your personal data as it is important to us 

4. Actions taken to protect your data are: 

a.Storing your data in a secured database and network 

b.Safety transmission of your data to us via the internet is under your responsibility and we ask you to take precautions when you do so. 

User data sharing 

1. We keep your data as long as it is needed and as agreed 

2.Your data is stored in our servers 

Cookie usage 

We use cookies as required for running our site and making it easy for you to reach our site. 

Privacy policy changes 

Privacy policies may change and in your first agree to the policy, it is considered that you accept the updated privacy policy as well.