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Network installation in Tanzania

Get the best combination of network engineering options

Get the desired speed and network reliability through appropriate network installation by our team of engineers and technicians. We provide end-to-end networking services including network design, network planning, and network configuration for enterprises.

Get the desired speed and network reliability through appropriate Network installation in Tanzania

Network installation in Tanzania IT Services Company in Tanzania

Network Installation

We offer:

  • Network installation: we perform wired, Wi-Fi and hybrid network installation. We survey your premises and install the network that is suitable for you.
  • Network security: we offer complete network security protection that covers your network and devices as well security of your data via the cloud-centralized network security.
  • Network integration: we perform network testing to ensure that your whole network is well linked and the nodes are communicating with one another.
  • Computer cabling: we do LAN and Fiber Optic cabling in consideration of the bandwidth needed for your business.
Secure Connection

Establish Secure Network Connection

Access to Network

Manage your network remotely

Cyber Threats

Protects your hardware, software and data


  • Effective Communication: Improve internal & external communication for your business with a network that supports both data and voice communication.
  • Productivity: increase your productivity by communicating faster through a well-designed network.
  • Centralized Data access: Centralize your data storage: allow multiple users to access and share data
  • Efficiency: share a single networked device with multiple users in the same premise.
  • Work collaboration: communicate better with staffs with a well-established office network that supports fast data transmission.


  • Reliable: we consider redundancy in the network as well as backup solutions to be used when the main network / device fails.
  • Secure: installation of hardware and software utility to ensure security of your network and data.
  • High performance: fast data transmission in your LAN and improves overall work performance.
  • Software & Hardware sharing: share hardware and software within one network through correct installation and configuration.

We manage your network, while you reap benefits and drive growth.

Our network installation solutions are easy to implement, simplify your IT tasks and requirements and significantly eliminate downtime and impact on your operations. ​Leverage the benefits of having a flexible network and manage your IT environment safely and securely for as long as you want.

Our Partners

We cooperate closely with multiple partners to help provide
complete solutions for a wide array of applications across the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

When network redundancy is required, it is considered especially when there is a need of continual of operations when one part of the network fails. A backup connection is made to support a redundancy for operations to continue.

Different part of the network in your premises could require different kind of cabling. There are parts of the network that are recommended to have fiber optic cabling for fast data transmission. Some parts of the network to have UTP cabling is fine.

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