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VPN solution for your business. Cloud-based VPN solution for your business to securely connect all your premises. Choose a service that fits your business from Business VPN, Cloud VPN and On- Premise VPN Server.


Scalable: Link and manage multiple offices or multiple servers from one console. Monitor all your connections with a single UI, patch, and configure all the connections as required from a single access point.

Integration: Link with your on-premise servers or link with cloud services such as Digital Ocean, Linode, and Hetzner. Ensure es all your connections are encrypted and well-tunneled.

Enhanced Security: 256-bit encryption of your traffic to not be accessed by malicious users. 2-factor authentication is used when users try to access your servers.

Improved Remote Access: Split Routing of traffic, Static IP address assigning, and use of the custom DNS server for remote users to safely communicate.

Custom setup of your VPN: Choose protocols that you prefer and manually configure your connection to standardize the connection you make to multiple servers.

Access Control: Control who can access your connection. Reduce any risk related to exposing sensitive content to unauthorized users. 

Utunnel Network VPN Solutions in Tanzania
Services Business VPN Server

Implement a business VPN for encryption, access control and advanced security as users try to connect to your business core network. Remote users and remote office locations connect securely with your core network to access internal applications and data.
Instant deployment
Simple deployment of Business VPN Server. Deployment is straightforward with less skills required.
Secure connectivity
Control who can access your business applications. Add a layer of security to control who can access these applications.
Better security
Better encryption, better access control, better authentication and better traffic routing is what comes with
Data access
Encrypt data that you transmit via the internet. Prevents malicious users from reaching and reading your data. Cloud VPN Server

Utilize cloud servers of your choice to host VPN service and secure your connections. 


Work with any cloud: Go with any cloud service such as AWS and Microsoft Azure and have it as your business VPN server. The Business VPN server is based and managed on the cloud.

Dedicated VPN Server: Dedicated VPN server with fast access and more security since you are not sharing VPN connections with other entities.

Logging: log your transactions via a VPN server. Use the logs as required when they are needed.

Cost and complexity reduction: Reduce the number of complexities as your VPN is cloud-based. Put out a number of costs related to cloud setup and management through’s automation.

Scalable, reliable, efficient: Scale your cloud VPN solutions in Tanzania according to your requirements. Cloud’s redundancy approach makes the solution reliable and the cloud is more efficient as it works with the resources that are required and nothing more. On-Premise VPN Server

Utilize your own on-premise server to deploy it with Have more control and security 
through usage of your own server for the VPN solution. 


Better control: Manage users, permissions, server settings, and other detailed VPN features. Full control of your own server as compared to other services’ options. 
Integrated security: fortified security and privacy by deploying your own on-premise server. 
Control on Data and Connectivity: Control users, sessions, data transmitted, and what connections are 
made and get enough statistics about your network and its transmissions. 
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"Patience. Infinite patience. No shortcuts. Very well thought out and articulate communication. Clear milestones, deadlines and fast work. Even if the client is being careless. The best part...always solving problems with great original ideas!."