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Take your organization to the next level with the best IT Services, data security, network security, cloud services, disaster recovery and more. These services will help you and your team effortlessly collaborate in real-time, support you business goals and achieve your targets.

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IT Services

Technical expertise to optimize access of information and improve business performance. Professional, responsive and flexible IT support for your business offering everything from data backup solutions, various system software and technology interventions to handle your routine IT and network infrastructure without threats.

Cloud backup

Store your important data and information on the cloud to circumvent on-site hardware/software failure.


Make the most of your internet connection for not only data connection but also voice calls.

Business continuity & Disaster recovery

Have a strategy to help your business continue to operate when your IT systems face unexpected failure.

Cloud services

Run your apps, store your data via cloud


Have third party team for monitoring your data and network from attackers.

Managed IT

Remote or on-site management of software and hardware by a third party company.

System and network monitoring

Monitor your servers, network, security and making the required updates automatically.

Firewall management

Add a layer of security by deploying external firewall solution to control what goes in and out of your network.

Office Productivity solutions

We setup your SaaS subscription.

Remote support

Quickly resolve your problems for you to continue with your operations.

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Managed IT

Taking a reactive approach after systems break or fail is something of the past. How about relying on a proactive approach that involves upgrading systems, monitoring them, and resolving issues on a routine basis?

This is considered an industry standard for 21st Century Organizations. It is neither efficient nor effective to wait for systems to break down and then fix them unless you do not mind having downtime, loss of data, and revenues. This is why organizations are going for Managed IT Service Model. An IT services company in Tanzania plays a pivotal role in providing comprehensive IT support services to organizations of all sizes.An experienced IT services company ensures that businesses have robust and secure IT infrastructures, allowing them to focus on core operations while mitigating potential technological challenges.

Managed Wi-Fi

We design, install and maintain your Wi-Fi network. Managed WiFi is a business tool that allows an organization to outsource the responsibilities of developing, acquiring, installing, maintaining, monitoring, and/or upgrading a WiFi network to a third-party provider. Benefits of Managed Wifi include fast connectivity, security and cloud-based network management to boost WiFi performance while lowering costs and providing better user experience.

Network Installation

Network installation is a procedure that not only ensures your organization’s network is fast and dependable but also is secure and strong for enhancing your business. In order to tailor network needs according to your business and increase efficiency by facilitating workplace collaboration a network installation should be customized for your business. Get the best speed and network reliability through appropriate network design by our team of engineers and technicians.

Server Management

A server management service ensures that all services function optimally on a server. Proper server management can enhance the user experience, and minimize server slowdowns, and security for your data, software, and hardware. Our server management services guarantee optimal performance with regular backup and security updates. Thus, server management enhances server reliability with real-time service monitoring, timely audit, etc.

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“You never know who is after your company’s data. This is why we took the initiative to contact Flashnet for VPN support”