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Take a Closer Look at All Services Under Data Center that ensure Business Continuity

Enterprise data centers often act as the backbone of business operations. With the modern world being data-driven across functionalities, the employees and teams must understand, explore and unlock the full potential of a data center, storage and security options, data-driven insights, optimization of processes, and how to make well-informed decisions based on them. Here are some of the services you can expect from a full-fledged data centre built for maximum service delivery:

  1. Colocation
  2. Cloud and backup services
  3. Dedicated servers
  4. Disaster recovery solutions
  5. Virtual servers


Colocation refers to the practice of renting out space within a data center facility to run and operate your enterprise hardware. It allows you to rent a rack, cabinet, or space to set up and manage your devices. The main reason why businesses opt for colocation services is because of the array of benefits it offers, such as advanced cooling systems, reliable power supply, and high-quality connectivity services.

Cloud and backup services

Data centers provide a comprehensive range of backup solutions, including both cloud-based and physical server options. The cloud backup services offered by data centers are highly scalable, flexible, and cost-effective, even for small businesses. Cloud-based backups use remote servers and distributed storage systems and eliminate the need for investing in and managing costly physical infrastructure.
Furthermore, cloud-based backups provide data redundancy, which means your data is replicated and stored across multiple geographic locations. It minimizes the risk of data loss due to hardware failures, disasters, or cyber-attacks.

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Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers are built and designed to house servers and networking equipment and its full computing resources are allotted to address the client’s needs. It enables better control over your business IT environment with custom configurations fulfilling specific requirements. Businesses can benefit from additional benefits like optimized temperature regulation, redundant power supplies, fire suppression systems, monitoring, surveillance, restricted access, and other physical security measures.

Disaster recovery solutions

Data centers have detailed disaster recovery plans, with detailed step-by-step procedures stated to help organizations recover data and reduce downtime in case a disaster occurs. These plans are frequently tested and updated to ensure accurate functioning during actual emergencies.

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Today’s data centers are so advanced that they can handle increased workloads and adapt to changing demands and allocate resources as required during emergencies. When the primary channel goes down, the secondary channel picks up so that your teams can continue with business regardless of the challenges you faced.

Choosing the right data centre service provider is very important for enterprises. If a provider offers the resources but if it does not keep up with the standards in the service delivery, it will not provide any benefits to your business. Flashnet, a trusted data centre and managed IT solutions company in Tanzania with over 15 years of IT experience, can help you set up, operate and maintain data centre services for your firms easily and efficiently. Reach out to us for a consultation or free quote, and for data center solutions and other IT services in Tanzania.

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