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All You Need To Know About Unified Threat Management (UTM)

The internet and the IT industries are expanding rapidly. It has encompassed a significant part of the online platform. The internet is expanding exponentially, and the development of tools such as firewalls and antivirus has been a major focus of many IT solutions. Unified Threat Management (UTM) refers to having a single security device or solution which comes with multiple security features to allow control and managing of your network security from a single central point. UTM comes with Antivirus, VPN, Firewall, Anti-spam, Intrusion detection and prevention, Anti-spyware and much other security and network features. Our network security solutions help your IT environment backup-and-running instantly, keeping your applications and data secure.

A network system can face multiple attacks at the same time. When such an event occurs and you try to utilize different security appliances from different vendors, it will be difficult to control the appliances by preventing the attacks. This is where the Unified Threat Management (UTM) approach becomes crucial to be implemented in your network.

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Unified Security’s Value In Your Network

Some organizations choose to utilize multiple security solutions to tackle different security threats, whereas, in the long run, it will not be efficient and effective in handling network security risks. The right approach for an organization which is planning to scale up is to use a Unified Security Solution whereby you implement a set of integrated devices from one vendor to handle all security threats.

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Benefits Of Unified Security Solution For Business

With Unified Security Solutions, you get to have one centre to monitor and manage your network security. An application connected to your unified security appliance will provide feedback about your network security status and notify you if there are any threats trying to attack your network.
Another advantage of using a Unified Security Solution for your network is that it comes with integrated network security features which are, Firewall, Intrusion detection and Prevention, Data loss prevention, Network status reporting, Antivirus, Anti-spam, Anti-spyware and many more.

Imagine having a central point where you can collect all the information about your network’s security. This central point will notify you if there is a virus trying to penetrate your network and give you a report of any security holes that you have in your network as well as allow you to apply new policies and rules for your whole network. It is not easy to integrate security solutions from multiple vendors to get you such information. This is why you need an integrated security solution to compile, analyze and understand your network and its security status better.

Flashnet’s unified security solutions help your IT environment backup-and-running instantly, keeping your applications and data secure. To know more about our services visit us and see how we can help you.

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