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Managed IT

What can a Managed Internet Service provider do for your Business?

Taking a reactive approach after systems break or fail is something of the past. How about relying on a proactive approach which involves upgrading systems, monitoring them and resolving issues on a routine basis?
This is considered an industry standard for 21st Century Organizations. It is neither efficient nor effective to wait for systems to break down and then fix them unless you do not mind having downtime, loss of data and revenues. This is why organizations are going for Managed Internet Service providers.

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Organizations are now opting for Managed IT solutions. These solutions do refer to outsourcing IT tasks and processes to be handled by a qualified, third-party organization. The third-party organization is known as a Managed Service Provider (MSP).
Your business gets to pay for services such as backup, disaster recovery, remote monitoring, IT systems management and help desk solutions.

Why consider Managed IT Services?

This is good for a company that has no IT team or the IT team is not qualified enough.
It is also good for a company that has an IT team but yet wants to outsource some of the tasks to a more experienced team to handle tasks.
Your IT team can focus on big projects and not burn out on small, repetitive tasks that can be handled by MSP.

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Your business will lessen the chances of being a victim to downtime, loss of data and productivity since a proactive approach helps diagnose problems earlier and prevent them before they cause a lot of trouble.
Security of your Data and IT is what an MSP will provide for you. The MSP does specialize in data and IT infrastructure security and this helps an SMB to have better security.
MSPs are specialized in managing services for businesses. Working with them will be of value as they will deliver better solutions on what they are specialized in.
You are managing risk when you outsource your IT to an MSP. The MSP will be responsible for monitoring your systems and with their skills and knowledge; they will be able to mitigate risks that could interrupt your organization’s operations.

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