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3 reasons IT teams need to integrate their backup and security solutions

In today’s digital landscape, businesses are grappling with a phenomenon known as tool sprawl, as revealed by Acronis in a recent survey. A staggering 79% of organizations rely on up to 10 different IT solutions to ensure productivity and security. Among these crucial tools are ransomware protection, anti-malware solutions, patch management, vulnerability assessments, and more.

While it may seem that IT teams have fortified their defenses by assembling an arsenal of cybersecurity measures, the reality tells a different story. Despite these efforts, malware, particularly ransomware, continues to pose a significant threat to businesses. Shockingly, approximately one out of every ten threats successfully penetrates the endpoint. This begs the question: Why do cyberattacks persist despite investments in seemingly comprehensive security solutions?

Part of the answer lies in the unintended consequences of piecemeal IT defenses. By stitching together disparate cybersecurity and data protection solutions, IT professionals inadvertently create complexities that undermine both management and security. Candid Wüest, Acronis VP of Cyber Protection Research, emphasizes that modernizing IT stacks with integrated solutions is imperative in the face of evolving threats.

Here are three compelling reasons why Flashnet advocates for an integrated cyber protection approach:

1. Cost Efficiency: Integrated solutions streamline operations and reduce overhead costs associated with managing multiple vendors. Studies indicate that consolidating cybersecurity and backup solutions can result in significant savings. By adopting an integrated platform, organizations not only save money at the time of purchase but also benefit from lower long-term costs. Moreover, the unified management console simplifies deployment, management, and training for IT teams.

2. Mitigating Human Error: Human error remains a primary cause of data breaches. Cybercriminals exploit this vulnerability through tactics like phishing, capitalizing on users’ unwitting actions. The proliferation of AI-driven phishing attacks underscores the importance of addressing this human factor. While training programs and preventative technologies play crucial roles, a streamlined IT infrastructure can also mitigate human error. Simplifying the IT environment reduces the likelihood of mistakes and enhances overall productivity.

3. Comprehensive Cybersecurity: Traditional approaches to data protection often suffer from a lack of cohesion between disparate solutions, leaving organizations vulnerable to attack. In contrast, integrated solutions like Acronis Cyber Protect provide holistic protection across the entire infrastructure. With features such as backup scanning and forensics capabilities, organizations can swiftly recover from cyberattacks while identifying and addressing vulnerabilities.

By integrating backup and security solutions, organizations can bolster their cyber resilience and safeguard against evolving threats. As an authorized partner of Acronis in Tanzania, Flashnet Cybersecurity is committed to empowering businesses with comprehensive cyber protection strategies.

Original blog credit: Acronis