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Businesses in Tanzania and Data Centre

Most businesses in the world are going for better technology to serve better their customers. Some of the investments that are being made by businesses are investing in data centers. Companies in the East African Region are also going for the latest technologies in powering their firms. So that they can achieve their business goals through customer satisfaction. Tanzanian businesses are quickly adopting these new technologies. One of the reasons that many companies are going for cloud and data centre technologies is that there are reliable connectivity services in Tanzania. Without a good internet connection, it will make it quite difficult to work with cloud and data centers.

Data centre solutions have been a big topic in recent years, all over the world. Big enterprises are investing in this solution with an incentive of how data centers have more benefits to any business of any size. Most of the companies in Tanzania have been going for data centre solutions for the competitive advantage that the business gets as it goes for a data centre solution.

Benefits a Tanzanian business gets for investing in Data centre

With the affordable costs that come with going for data centers, most businesses are failing to neglect this solution. A business is to expect improvement in how they run its operations. Below are some of the convincing benefits that Tanzanian companies get and why they find no reason why not to go for data centre solutions in their country:

  1. Reinforced Security
  2. Reliable Services
  3. Increased Productivity
  4. Vast Storage capacity

With the above in mind, let’s expand on each and how each benefits users:

Reinforced Security

From the ground up, data centers are built to have more security. some of the technologies that go into data centers relating to security include powerful firewalls, integrated vulnerability detection systems, physical and digital access control protocols, and malware detection systems. These countermeasures are some of the reasons why many firms choose to go for a data centre for their IT infrastructure.

Vast storage capacity

Servers upon servers with large storage capabilities are deployed in data centers. You and your business can ask for the amount of storage space that you want for your business. Storage can be scaled very quickly without compromising operations and security.

Reliable services

A data centre is reliable in delivering services because of the supporting features that come with these premises. When it comes to power, data centers have enough power plugged in and standby generators are also available to keep the servers and systems running even when there are power outages.

Data centers are also linked with more than one ISP, therefore, if one ISP is not able to deliver connectivity services, the other ISP on the line can kick in immediately for connectivity services delivery. Having more than one ISP also makes it possible to speed up service delivery.

Increased productivity

When it comes to productivity, this is a big one and highly valuable to your business. Data centers make it possible that you get to work more productively knowing that you can access your data at any time you want it. Your data is kept safe with data centers and this makes it less stressful on worrying about which countermeasure should you deploy for your data to remain safe.

More and more benefits are linked with data centers and the above-mentioned are just some of them.

Services that come along with Data centre

Many services come with a data centre as a whole. Here are some of the services you can expect from a data centre that is fully furnished and built for maximum service delivery:

  1. Colocation
  2. Cloud and backup services
  3. Dedicated servers
  4. Disaster recovery solutions
  5. Virtual servers

Let’s flesh out the above services:


Colocation is when you rent space to keep and run your hardware at the data centre premises. You can get a rack, cabinet, or more than this by having space to configure and run your devices. You mostly go for this service due to the advantage that comes with data centre cooling, power, and reliable connectivity services.

Cloud and backup services

Data centers also offer backup solutions. Backing up your data over the cloud or on physical servers gives you the comfort of knowing your data is stored safely and you can reach it at any time when needed. Your data might be held in virtual or physical servers, depending on your needs.

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Dedicated servers

For more processing power and storage, you could go for dedicated servers that come with data centers. With this solution, you get to have more control over performance and security features that you might want to configure specifically for your business needs.

Disaster recovery solutions

Data centers play a significant role when it comes to recovering your IT infrastructure and data after being blown by an anticipated event. A data centre supports you with backups that help you recover your data. Data centers also have redundancy solutions so that when the primary channel goes down, the secondary channel picks up so that you can continue with business regardless of the challenges you faced.

Virtual servers

When you need affordable servers, virtual servers are suitable to start with. They are useful and easy to scale. The way they are designed makes it easy to adjust storage and computing power.

All the above-mentioned services and more are available with data centers and this is why most businesses are going in this direction.

Data centers and how they have empowered digital solutions in Tanzania

Data centers have had substantial influences on many digital solutions that have been started and initiated in Tanzania. Some of these solutions include:

  • Mobile money services
  • Card payment solutions
  • Mobile applications
  • Colocation
  • Hosting
  • Powering web applications

Since the high usage of data centers in Tanzania started, there has been a huge difference made and a remarkable shift to better services for users. Most of these solutions do need high computing power and without the support of data centers, it could have led to having solutions that are not directly serving users to their expectations.

In drawing to a close, Data centre solutions are substantially useful that any business of any size needs to go for. However, choosing the right data centre service provider is very important as well. This will matter on the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that you sign with the service provider. It’s also important to consider the services that are offered by the service provider. A DC service provider can have all the resources but if it does not hold the necessary standards in service delivery, it will not have direct benefits to your business.

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