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How email hosting service can add value to your business

It is estimated that there are more than 4.37 billion email users as of date and by 2026, the expected number of email users is 4.74 billion. This shows how crucial it is to have a reliable email hosting service, especially for businesses that are doing 80 percent of their sales digitally.

Speaking of having a reliable email hosting service, it should have certain features for you that fully cater to your needs to proceed with it. In simple terms, the main features include security, support, storage, availability, and flexibility. It also gives you a professional email address with your business domain name, helping create a brand identity, brand recall and trust with your clients.

Value-adding features of email hosting service

Now, let’s get into how an email hosting service can be beneficial to your business today. Here are some of the key features of email hosting services that add value to your communication process:
Custom storage capacity
Fine-tuned security
Brand consistency and digital marketing effectiveness
More than one domain-based business email address

Below is a detailed explanation of each feature:

Privacy and Data Protection

A large amount of important and confidential data is shared via emails every day. With a reliable email hosting provider, you can rest easy under the assurance that they will protect your data from third-party breaches. There are widespread practices where emails and data are sold to third parties. Therefore it is imperative to always make sure you have a safe email hosting platform. Another good thing about professional email hosting services is that they don’t bombard your inbox with ads.

Custom storage capacity

You can choose which storage size you want for your business purposes This is advantageous because you can always start small and scale up in storage and number of emails as and when you grow. Most email hosting providers offer basic plans with a limited storage capacity, usually ranging from 2GB to 10GB, which are especially suitable for personal or small-to-medium-sized business use. Advanced plans with larger storage capacities range from 25GB to 100GB and are combined with additional features such as enhanced security, collaboration tools, and priority support.

Fine-tuned security

Most email hosting service providers are equipped with antivirus and spam control software. The other advantage is that with email hosting service, you can strengthen your security and add more filters that reinforce your safety. You can even have experts work with you to improve security and prevent phishing and other cyber attacks.

Brand consistency and digital marketing Effectiveness

When you are reaching out to your customers with a custom business email, the client is more confident that they are speaking directly with you or your business representatives. This makes it easy to pitch anything about your products and services and customers are likely to respond positively.

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More than one domain-based business email address

Have more than one business email address and all the email addresses come under the same domain that you choose. This gives your business a professional appearance to the people you communicate with. It also helps prevent scams as the hosting provider offers end-to-end encryption to protect the content of emails both in transit and at rest.

For any business that wants to reach its customers better and have more control over its emails, an email hosting service is a way to go.

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