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What do VPN do for your Business???

Any business or individual that needs secure communication with peers should consider going for a VPN. The right solution encrypts your communication well without affecting your network speed. If a VPN connection slows down your network speed, then that means the VPN vendor or VPN service provider is not well equipped to support a fast connection with encryption intact.   

But what makes a VPN solution worth going for? Let’s go through various types of VPN and find out the features that make a good one.

Business VPN vs. Personal VPN, which one to go for?   

Personal VPN is for individual users and does have limited features, whereas, Business VPN has more features and works well for businesses that want to highly benefit from VPN solutions. A business needs to go for Business VPN for the following reasons:

  • Users connect to one dedicated IP, which makes it more secure.
  • Remote users are easily routed to the business VPN
  • Maintaining a secure connection is more manageable with a business VPN being used
  • Company resources can be easily accessed by remote users
  • A two-way tunnel is used to support secure communication of remote users and security of the organization’s assets
  • Easily change VPN settings that affect the whole organization

VPNs suitable for Businesses  

Your business could go for a Fixed VPN, Network or Service VPN. The one which you need depends on the features and requirements that you want to get fulfilled.

If you choose a Fixed VPN, then you expect to have a dedicated IP for you and this is quite useful when managing users and provides centralized access. Also, with a fixed VPN, performance is less affected by external traffic. And when it comes to sending marketing emails, it works well with this type of VPN as it delivers reliable results.

You may choose Network VPN and it is mainly integrated into routers or servers. Most of the time, a network VPN is managed by an in-house IT team. The benefit of having a network VPN is that it protects all devices in the network after being installed in a server or router. The other benefit of this type of VPN is that it connects many users without fine-tuning settings specific to each user. The drawback of this type of VPN is that not all devices can work with network VPNs.

The other type of VPN that you may opt for is VPN Service. It involves the use of cloud technology. All traffic goes through the cloud service provider before sharing to the internet. This type of VPN is quite affordable and it is mostly used by small businesses and startups.

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Must-have features for a business VPN  

1. When you go for business VPN, you need to ensure the presence of features such as activity logging, tracking, server coverage, central management, activity management, security and customer support.

2. A good business VPN does not log or track your activities online as such information could be used in other ways. The server coverage of the VPN service works better when it is near the location. Therefore, it’s important to get a VPN provider with servers near your business.

3. When it comes to security, go for a VPN provider that offers two-factor authentication for user accounts and the availability of Kill Switch that prevents you from connecting directly with the internet when you lose connection with the VPN server.

4. VPN that supports managing users’ activities prevent users from accessing risky sites and improves security to reduce data breaches.

5. Customer support is quite important when going for a VPN service provider. Go for a company that has a real time medium and makes it easy for you to reach the service provider team when there is a need.

Do I need a VPN?  

A business may need a VPN when it needs to provide remote access to other users. Any remote connection needs to be encrypted so that it’s difficult for third parties to track your activities. An individual could also need a VPN when there is a need to hide online activities and not be easily tracked. Flashnet, as a company do partner with the best security vendors and offer the top VPN services in Tanzania understanding the customers needs and demands.

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