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What To Expect From Your Managed Internet Services Provider?

You need an internet connection for your business, but that’s not all it takes. For your business, it is necessary to have a reliable, fast, secure, and high uptime internet connection. A Managed Internet Service Provider (MISP) is a third-party organization that makes sure you get a reliable internet connection for your business. And they are the partners who work on your behalf in ensuring guaranteed internet for use at all your business premises.

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Managed Vs Standard Internet Service

Here are the benefits of Managed Internet Service over Standard Internet Service:


Your company requires a stable and consistent internet connection that ensures your business maintains operational efficiency around the clock. Having a Managed Internet Service (MIS) means there is a dedicated team to monitor your internet connection and make sure it is up when needed.


Your internal team is to be freed from being involved in troubleshooting the internet connection when it is slow. The benefit of managed internet service is that your internet connection is carefully monitored, and the MISP is in charge of assuring the operation at peak efficiency.


Managed Internet Service comes with a fallback internet connection so that your business can remain connected regardless of the failure of the main internet connection. This feature is not included in standard internet service.


Managed Internet Service comes with anti-spam, anti-virus, and other security countermeasures. Businesses will benefit from this because they will not only have a good connection, but also a secure network that makes online communication efficient and reliable for internal and external business communications.

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If the configuration of your network to the internet is done wrong, then the expected results may not be realized. You need the right configuration of your network to set up the network devices that can be monitored remotely and ensure that the devices can function with a modern integrated firewall for the security of your internet communication.


Another value of Managed Internet Services (MIS) is that they are easy to scale. Configuration of MIS is done in a way that will allow your business to connect to as many branch offices and still get a fast, secure and reliable internet connection.

All of these services help you save time and money as your organization expands. All the time you’ll save by letting a MISP handle the bills is included in those savings. And then there’s the security you feel knowing a help desk is monitoring and managing your internet connectivity around the clock. It is the right time to seek help from a Managed Internet Service Provider (MISP) who can help your company achieve this. If you have queries or require professional help, we at Flashnet, have people to help your business keep growing.

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